Friday, 30 July 2010

Issue 3 in the bag

Hello. Just a quick update, issue #3 is finished, apart from a few minor tweaks that's going to be revised before it's released to that animal of an artist called Gary. Normally I won't let him near the script until it's done, but I think it's the best way otherwise he gets just TOO excited.

Our first main player....

I feel it's finally time to introduce one of the main Characters from The Hero Chronicles....
meet EIDOLON - character profile to follow
Click for a bigger version

Wish I were quicker...

so here's me, only just starting to draw Page 9 of issue #1 & Glen goes and gives me the script for issue #2!!! & has also started writing issue #3
If anyone wants to start paying us to do this, things would move much quicker.... well, at my end they would. At a page per week, this could be a long old haul. We've also come to the conclusion that the first story arc is going to have to be over 6 issues not 5... so that's another 6 months+ work on top. lol
Please, don't think I'm complaining, just want to get this finished book in your hands!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Facebook Group

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PAGE 8 FINISHED... I think

took me a week & a half, but Page 8 is finished. which means I'm done with Buildings & Crowds for a few pages... :-D
sneak peak below

Monday, 26 July 2010

A break from the Chronicles for Geek Syndicate

I was asked by Barry Nugent of the Geek Syndicate, if I could draw a picture for Dave & Siobhan Montieth's wedding. I was more than happy to comply & drew the picture below in one evening from about 7pm to 10.45pm. 10 other artists did the same & the finished collection is just awesome!!
Click the pic for full size goodness

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Page 7 in the bag

I'm a bit behind schedule at the moment, but Page 7 is now finished, & onwards to page 8
Sneak peak below

Monday, 12 July 2010


Cool! Page 6 is finished! well, inked & mostly lettered :-) ...preview

Friday, 9 July 2010

And Translation from Page to Panel

Whilst we're on the subject, I always find it fascinating how words in a comic script translate over to a comic page. Generally when I'm writing, I'm mentally pencilling it in my head, most of the time it's with the plan that I'm the one doing the pencilling/inking.

I always find it interesting how Gary interprets what I tell him to draw (and I do tell him, if you see Gary with me around, he's generally chained to the sink, it's kinda like an abusive alcoholic husband and his wife he treats like dirt) anyway, it's odd the image taken from my head, translated into words and then put back on the page by another artist, strange, but exhilarating all at the same time.

I like to keep my comic scripts punchy and not so overly descriptive the artist doesn't feel like they can breathe. Take a look at Alan Moore, every detail, every remote single part of the panel is described in exact clarity, I always think of it like feeding programming into a computer, you feed descriptions, pictures come out :o) of course, the other good thing about an Alan Moore script is despite all of this detail, he finishes most parts with, 'or do whatever you feel is right'. Kind of nice to have that relaxed attitude with folks.

Well, that's all for now. Gary's posts are probably FAR more interesting as he posts art, mine's just words....for now he he he

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Bad Ass Monsters and the Like

Hey all,
Just checking in. Last night I did another piece of script #2 and it's basically a scene involving the big bad ass of the piece. I'm not going to reveal TOO much about him as I think it might make Gary cry if I did. But, needless to say, for all of those who read and enjoy issue 1, issue 2 cranks it up a whole lot more.


Wednesday, 7 July 2010

And since I'm sharing, I'm gonna show some of Glens secrets by posting page 1 from issue 1 script.
Below this post shows how I ignore Glens script & draw what I want.

Page one (6 panels)

Opening shot of the skyline of Acenscion city at midday reflected in a fish-eye lens wrapping at the edges. The sun glints in our vision.
Acenscion City. Soon
Pull back further now to reveal the battle helmet of the Pulse Suit. The previous panel's reflection is in the helmet's visor. Imagine a clunky badass battlesuit and you get the idea.
No dialogue
Pulse cruises through the streets low. In the b.g. we can see citizens running for their lives, some turning and pointing, others just running hell for leather down the crowded street.
Pulse's POV. People are fleeing and running, he's got some crazy-ass readouts going on, but we can see his flight plan highlighted on his vision and he's heading straight for the tallest building in the city. TradeCo.
No dialogue
The Pulse's boots increase in speed and intensity.
No dialogue
The TradeCo building is reflected in the visor.

Page one from sketch to finished inks

Page 1 from Layouts to Inks. Entirely drawn in Illustrator,
I hope to upload more pages like this...
Page 6 well under way

Monday, 5 July 2010

Script #2

Now that Gary's already mentioned the script for issue two is already well under way, it might be nice for me to point out how much this issue will raise the game and give the first real glimpse of the tone and sheer epic scale of the story. The end scenes are particularly game raising for our resident artist here at the blog, and I think we're all going to be very excited when these scenes come to life under his gifted Wacom pen.

So, expect lots of thrills coming your way soon!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Kicking things off with a design concept for the character "Pulse". This character launches Hero Chronisles Issue #1 with a Bang :-)

And hello from me

Yes, it's true, somehow Gary roped me into writing this...I'm not quite sure how, I believe it involved the offer of sweets and funny stories...or maybe it was the fact he threatened to publish 'those' photos of me if I didn't play ball.

Anyway, yes, Hero Chronicles is here and all going to plan issue one will be out soon (ish). I'll post more when there's more to post, but right now issue two is demanding my attention, and oh, what a harsh mistress she is.

And goodbye from him

My 2nd attempt at an HC Blog

A few years back I started a blog for "The Hero Chronicles" & it died a death :-(
Now... with Glen Ludlow on board writing the scripts, I believe it will happen this time.
here at we hope to keep you (the fans lol) updated with Promo pics, page layouts, partial scripts to finished page etc etc.

So, please, keep watching. The more support we get the better.... & quicker, this comic may come out. As I write this I'm working on Page 5 of Issue 1 which has been fully written & Issue 2 has been plotted & an early script started.

Gary Seaward